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[10:40:45 PM] sailor mercurhys: picture this: fukawa playing the piano
[10:56:20 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: Yes…………………………
[10:57:03 PM] sailor mercurhys: please also picture: hagakure attempting to get a piano into their house
[10:57:23 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: O h my god
[10:57:24 PM] sailor mercurhys: hagakure attempting to gift wrap a piano
[10:57:41 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: WOW TOU-CHI I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD BE
[10:57:50 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: THIS PIANO SHAPED OBJECT
[10:57:55 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: ITS A REAL MYSTERY ISNT IT
[10:57:56 PM] sailor mercurhys: WHEEZING
[10:58:17 PM] sailor mar(ie)s: She humors him sometimes
[10:58:44 PM] sailor mercurhys: hagakure accompanies her on the kazoo

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[10:23:31 PM] rache1: if togami is sexually attracted to people who can outsmart him does that include komaeda
[10:23:31 PM] rache1: I am thinking yes
[10:24:10 PM] rnrie: HOLY SHIT
[10:24:14 PM] rnrie: IM LAUGHING????
[10:24:34 PM] rache1: FUCK

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[12:22:14 AM] rnrie: the twilight syndrome girls banding together to get tsumiki to go to a therapist for her issues in ace married
[12:22:30 AM] rnrie: eventually she learns she has 2 love herself first before anyone else can
[12:23:09 AM] rache1: YES
[12:23:22 AM] rache1: koizumi gets her to talk to fukawa
[12:23:31 AM] rache1: who had good experiences w/ therapy
[12:23:44 AM] rnrie: YE S!!!
[12:24:05 AM] rnrie: tsumiki in the middle of her therapy and just starting to learn to like herself getting asked out by some guy and she actually
[12:24:06 AM] rnrie: turns him down
[12:24:11 AM] rnrie: for the first time ever she turns someone down
[12:24:30 AM] rnrie: she isn’t obligated to do anything! she doesn’t have to go out if she doesn’t want to
[12:24:58 AM] rache1: she calls all her friends and tells them and THEN souda too and he’s like. you know I am probably too happy about this
[12:25:06 AM] rnrie: omg…
[12:25:18 AM] rache1: he’s just happy 4 a friend
[12:25:20 AM] rache1: that’s all
[12:25:25 AM] rnrie: clearly
[12:25:28 AM] rnrie: (no hetero)
[12:25:48 AM] rache1: NO HETERO

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"Well," Kuzuryuu said, getting up off the couch, "I’m getting ice cream."

Peko sat up and watched his back as he walked away before standing as well and following him. “Did you take your Lactaid earlier?” she asked, and he stopped dead in his tracks with the freezer door open.

"I told you, I don’t need it. I’ll be fine."

She shut the freezer door at the same time she reached into the cabinet above the fridge and pulled out the unused box of Lactaid, dropping it into his hands. “You recall what happened the last time you ate an entire pint of ice cream, don’t you? If you keep doing that, we’ll spend all our money on hospital bills.”

Kuzuryuu looked at the box in his hands before chucking it carelessly over his shoulder. (Peko caught it effortlessly in one hand.) “I’m a man, Peko. I’m a Kuzuryuu man. And Kuzuryuu men don’t need fuckin’ Lactaid.”

"You need to take it."

"No, I don’t!”

"Yes, you do,” she pressed, thrusting the box back into his hands only to have him shove it back.

"I’ll prove it to you!" he said, throwing open the fridge and grabbing the last half-gallon of milk, uncapping it and chugging it before dropping the empty bottle on the floor and looking Peko straight in the eyes, proud of himself.

Peko stared back. ”Would you,” she started, “like me to call an ambulance in advance?”

He stared back at her for a good moment before sighing. “I can drive myself.”

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Ishimaru (about maizono): So this is the meaning of“a woman graced with intelligence and beauty.”[he looks SHOCKED AND AMAZED]

Sayaka (about ishimaru): He’s great, huh!

(translation credit

[11:25:23 PM] rnrie: it’s too bad ishimaru is queer as fuck
[11:28:13 PM] rache1: theoretically he COULD be attracted to girl it just. never really happens
[11:29:19 PM] rnrie: yea h
[11:31:17 PM] rache1: what if ishi and maizono get married later in life in ace married?? they’re amicable enough and she’s Free and Clear as far as media goes. we did say he eventually gets married to a lady he doesn’t really love didn’t we
[11:34:14 PM] rnrie: and leon is free 2 do his own thing???
[11:35:06 PM] rache1: I would think so
[11:36:07 PM] rnrie: make it hapen



it’s the ship name and tsumiki’s name after marriage :oo

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  • そうだかずえ
  • そうだいちろ
  • そうだにじや
  • そうださなこ


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Souda looks at Tsumiki’s hand and swallows thickly.

Just do it, he tells himself. Do it, you fucking pansy. Sonia handed you a wad of cash and told you not to come back until you and Tsumiki made some sort of progress in your relationship. Now it’s Saturday, and you’re running out of time.

He smacks himself mentally and wiggles his fingers. It’s just hand-holding, right? That’s easy enough. He’s already figured out that his feelings are real this time, rather than whatever he thought he felt for Sonia, so it shouldn’t be that hard to just reach out and grab her hand. He’s twenty-seven, for god’s sake. This is reaching the point where it’s just ridiculous.

Tsumiki looks adorable too, standing there in line for Space Mountain with her little mouse ears on, looking happier than a clam. She’s looked happier than ever since they started getting closer. Maybe she’s finally getting over Junko. She’s been stuttering less, too…

The line starts moving again and they’re almost at the front. It’s now or never, do it or you’re gay, here and now or not at all. He trips on nothing and stumbles a little bit but manages to grab her hand as they move up in line and everything feels like it happens in slow motion.

Her eyes get wide. Then she looks down at their joined hands for what feels like forever.

Then she cries.

Shit, he thinks. I fucked up.

But Tsumiki doesn’t let go; she grabs his hand tighter, interlocking their fingers and leaning over to bury her face in his shoulder. He wraps his free arm around her back and just holds her, even as the line moves forward.

They don’t stop holding hands for the rest of the day.

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cause of death: acemarried au

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please imagine ibuki sticking both her legs through one of the legs of twogami’s pants and flopping around like a majestic mermaid